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International projects       

Retrain. 2014 - 2015

This project‘s main objective is to develop a learning model for training vocational instructors in the retail sector (training of retail trainers). The quality of retail employees’ skills in implementing training will be improved, it will be harmonized and made more efficient. By this project the partners’ intention is to tackle one of the main challenges in vocational education for the retail employees according to educational requirement analyses.


This project was funded by the EU’s Leonardo da Vinci Programme.


Project website

Conventus. 2012-2013

The objective of this project was to create greater understanding and knowledge of situation of the co-operatives in Europe among the co-operators themselves to strengthen their self-esteem and cooperative identity and entrepreneurial skills and to create a learning model for this purpose. The new model was designed to assure a better match with labour market needs, contribution to new job creation and to address to society changing (new disadvantaged categories of people, such as demographic change with older and younger unemployed).


This project was funded by the EU’s Grundtvig Programme.

Tourist Guide for Northern Periphery (TG4NP). 2010 - 2013

The aim of the TG4NP project was to support tourism industry of peripheral regions by enhancing the visitors’ experiences in cultural and natural heritage destinations with the help of multimodal mobile information services. The project developed several new approaches to efficient and sustainable management and utilisation of resources in natural and cultural heritage.


This project was funded by Northern Periphery Programme (NPP).


Project website

Retail in Rural Regions (RRR). 2009 - 2011

Transnational project in the northern periphery which developed a support programme for improving theservice quality of rural shops. The support programme consisted in special designed education programme and customised consulting services. A part of this project was an empirical study for identifying which challenges smalllocal shops in Iceland are facing in competition withlarger outlets.


This project was funded by Northern Periphery Programme (NPP) and NORA.


Project website

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