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About the Centre for Retail Studies

The mission of the Centre for Retail Studies is to support the Icelandic retail, service and tourism sectors by providing stakeholders with practical analysis, statistics and know-how, aimed at supporting factual and accurate decision making and promotion of vocational education. The centre offers solutions and services to organizations, companies, governmental bodies and academics.


At the core of the centres operations are international projects through which it has collaborated on developing new products, solutions and services and engaged in knowledge transfer programmes. The centre welcomes all international ventures and is continuously active in Scandinavian and European partnerships.


See a list of our current and previous international projects


The centre systematically collects primary data from varied sources and maintains a number of large datasets. The centre publishes subsets of these data at regular intervals.


See a list of our published datasets


Our highly trained staff possesses expertise in a wide range of subjects, such as economic modelling, data gathering and statistical analysis, lecturing and development of vocational education and implementation of standards in retail and electronic commerce.


Fields of activities

  • Retail and tourism statistics
  • Applied research in economics, business administration and consumer behaviour
  • Analysis and enquiries on retail and tourist prospects for public and private stakeholders
  • Service innovation
  • VET (vocational education and training) development for retail and service sector
  • Analysis on retail development



The Centre for Retail Studies was founded in 2004 by the initiative of the Icelandic retailers’ federation with support of the Ministry of Trade and Industries and Bifrost University. The centre was formerly hosted at Bifrost University but with growing research activity it has developed into an independent research institute with strong academic links to Bifrost University. The centre is supported by a collaboration of partners from the academia, employees- and employers unions together with a governmental body.


The present owners of the Centre for Retail Studies are:

  • Bifrost University
  • Ministry of Industry and Innovation
  • Federation of Trade and Services
  • VR - Commercial and office workers' union
  • Motor Trade Federation
  • Retailers' Association


Contact information

For more information on the Centre, please contact the director, Emil B. Karlsson.


Telephone: +354 822 1203


Post address

Office location

Bifröst University
311 Borgarnes

Suðurlandsbraut 22

108 Reykjavík



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